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June 5, 2020 Update

We have been blown away by the outpouring of generosity and the creative innovation during the pandemic response.

In an unprecedented time where schools, sports and so many summer plans have been cancelled – including camps, Country Lake has been faced with swiftly adapting to new regulations and employing our own creativity and innovation. . . not to find a creative loop-hole, but rather to consider all of the many safety practices that have been offered or recommended by various agencies, while still honoring the gathering restrictions for the state of Indiana.  It would be easy to project criticism due to contradictions in those guidelines and information that changes often, but in a spirit of humility and unity, we recognize the collective desire for public safety, the significance of this virus and the fact that, even with the best of intentions, new information could cause a widespread shutdown or increased restrictions at any time.

We also recognize the social, mental and emotional strain the last few months have had on our society and we believe that now, more than ever, the need for summer camps, retreats and activities that provide exercise and relational engagement is at an all-time high.

For the past 20 years, Country Lake has operated as a resource to ministry organizations as well as the community as a rental facility that also offers the benefits of well trained staff and lifeguards to facilitate adventure-style activities as well as a beach and pool for water recreation.

With a 200 acre property and over 680 beds, Country Lake is in a unique position to offer an environment that promotes safe hygiene and supports distancing recommendations – especially for retreats. We are also modifying our food service operation and dining in such a manner that we actually exceed most of the recommendations for restaurants.

We recognize that the majority of concerns stem from three key areas which are dorm style lodging, dining & meal accommodations and the ability to social distance or create personal space.

We have adjusted, and in many cases, eliminated our dorm lodging to offer alternatives to the traditional overnight summer camps and to address the lodging concerns. We have explored many new alternatives to our meal service and adjusted activities to allow for social distancing when possible.

Nothing at Country Lake is business as usual, including our standard practices and procedures. Most of the camps that were scheduled for the summer have cancelled – so we are taking this time to exercise our own creativity, partner with some local friends and ministry leaders to offer unprecedented opportunities for our community.  For the past decade, summers have been exclusively reserved for camps and has allowed little flexibility since we were booked every day for 10 weeks, but 2020 has dealt us a different hand and we are excited to use this opportunity to announce a heavily modified schedule that focuses on four key groups. The Family, The Community, Our Local Youth & Retreats.

Focusing on Family Activities during this time is a natural and safe way to invest our time and energy. We have the ability to host 64 families at a time in private lodging quarters, with private facilities so we are shifting much of our energy this summer to providing a respite for families. We are also using this opportunity to extend an invitation to our community as we will be announcing designated days for families and individuals to come and enjoy the beauty of Country Lake along with the family friendly environment that it offers as well as some additional opportunities for overnight stays in private rooms or cabins.  Participation will be fee based, but heavily discounted from normal summer pricing. We look forward to this being a bonding opportunity for our community and a rare chance for us to share the blessing of Country Lake with our friends, neighbors and families.  We also want to offer a socially responsible environment for our students to gather at a time when many of those opportunities have been removed, but are still desperately needed. We will be announcing those dates soon. Due to the circumstances, we also have rare opportunities to book summer retreats or private events utilizing the Main Lodge and Conference area as well as the 52 private rooms it has.

We certainly find ourselves in unusual times, but it is because of these unusual times that we get to offer some unusual opportunities.  Opportunities that we have never explored or attempted before.  Although it can be a bit overwhelming, we approach it with eager anticipation of what God can do with and through the ministry of Country Lake, the staff and the many ministry partners during this time.

Ross Knecht

Executive Director

Country Lake Christian Retreat

April 2020 Update

Country Lake Christian Retreat is committed to the safety and well-being of our staff as well as our guests and, like so many others, we are taking the precautions recommended by the CDC.  We have increased our already aggressive cleaning standards and have sanitized all communal areas and high touch areas like door handles, handrails and light switches as well as counter tops and coffee pots.

We recognize that information is changing rapidly.  As a ministry we will support these restrictions and continue to monitor the announcements that are made daily.

We recognize that plans are in limbo for everyone and we are often asked if we have cancelled everything! Although we aren’t hosting groups at this time, we have our staff working on isolated projects as well as juggling the booking calendars that have been affected so much by the pandemic so we will be ready to open when the time comes.  We are currently only accepting cancellations that would be covered under the most recent federal & state restrictions.  Indiana is in the process of re-opening and for us, we’re basing it on their guidelines which are currently:

Stage 3 – May 24 Group Size 100 or fewer

Stage 4 – June 14 Group Size 250 or fewer

Stage 5 – July 4 Group Size 250+

Our desire is to preserve as many reservations as possible, but in the event that you need to cancel, the financial obligation will be limited to the non-refundable deposit that you paid for your group.   If government guidelines require your group to cancel, we are open to utilizing your deposit toward a future date. While we certainly understand that many are forced to make decisions months in advance (or at the request of their leadership), cancellations requested for dates outside of the state of Indiana or federal governments’ mandated social distancing requirements will forfeit their deposit. Our prayer is that we will be able to host your group even if the circumstances are different than originally planned.  We are navigating this new territory as well and expect to see a lot of exceptions in the weeks and months to come.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we strive to accommodate all of our guests and make the most of this situation.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns and thank you in advance for your patience as together we navigate these uncharted waters.

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